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When you call Fiers Heating & A/C, Inc. for your heating & air conditioning concerns you will get a fast response, a trained, qualified technician to correct the problem and superior service…all at an affordable price!

Carrier Greenspeed Air Conditioning & Furnace Paducah, KYWhen your AC unit or furnace is having issues, it seems there is nothing more frustrating. Take comfort knowing that at Fiers Heating & A/C, Inc., our friendly professionals will have you sitting back and relaxing in no time. We have been serving the Paducah, KY and surrounding areas with our heating and air conditioning services for years with great customer reviews.

We Offer Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, Service & Installation on the Following;

  • Heat Pumps
  • Furnace
  • Air Conditioners
  • Humidifiers
  • Air Purification
  • GREENSPEED Heating & Cooling

GO GREEN with Greenspeed Heating & Cooling

 Save with Greenspeed Heating & Cooling3 WAYS GREENSPEED WILL SAVE YOU MONEYSave with Greenspeed Heating & Cooling

1) High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling
HEATING: The more efficient a product is, the less it costs to operate it. heat pump efficiency is measured in hSPf. Never heard of hSPf? No problem. All you need to know is the higher the number the better the savings. And at 13 hSPf, our heat pump is 29% more efficient than even the nearest high-efficiency competitor and 68% more efficient than standard units.*

COOLING: By its very name, people deduce that heat pumps heat. But the uninitiated often don’t realize that heat pumps cool as well, by pumping heat out of the home in the summer. ours does this with an efficiency of up to 20 Seer, which is better than even most air conditioners.

2) High-Capacity Heating
As temperatures drop, the Infinity heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence can bring toasty temps better than any other heat pump on the market. In fact, our ability to heat is up to 86% greater than the competition*. Which means you get great heating performance with all that energy efficiency.

3) Supreme Dehumidification
You’ve heard: “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.” Well that goes for your comfort level and your energy bills. See, moisture in the air acts like a heat amplifier. Take away the excess moisture and you can be more comfortable in your
home at a higher thermostat setting. Which means a lower energy bill


Infinity® Air Conditioner provides reliable, high- efficiency cooling for long-lasting comfort and energy savings.
Infinity Gas Furnace provides reliable, high- efficiency heating for long-lasting comfort and energy savings.
Evaporator Coil is matched with the proper outdoor unit to provide top cooling efficiency and years of reliable service.
Infinity Air Purifier improves air quality by capturing and killing airborne bacteria and viruses and other irritating airborne pollutants in your home.
Ventilator combines fresh outdoor air with conditioned indoor air for improved air quality and maximum efficiency – great for today’s tightly constructed home.
Humidifier replenishes moisture to dry air.
Zoning sets different temperatures for up to eight different areas of your home for truly customized comfort and enhanced utility savings.
UV Lamp inhibits the growth of contaminants on the indoor coil, leaving your home with cleaner, fresher indoor air.
Infinity Control is more than just a thermostat. It’s your interface to the Infinity System that allows you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed and ventilation.

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